Canterbury Cottage was built in the Swiss alpine cottage style and is situated at the end of the driveway next to the main lodge. It has a very “old world” steep roof and a large covered porch. Viewing from the porch provides an opportunity to relax with a coffee in the morning, or a cocktail in the evening, and experience the amazing, every changing, Kamiah scenery and wildlife.

The Cottage interior is a stately yellow suite with blue accents and old fashioned white woodwork. The entrance sitting room is furnished in fine period pieces and blue accents. It has a fireplace and eight view windows. The Canterbury Cottage bedroom has a custom made king size bed with a beautiful soft yellow linen-like spread with purple jacquard pillows and a matching plaid coverlet across the foot of the bed. The beautiful muted fabrics that drape as a canopy over the headboard are held by beautiful antique iron curtain swag holders. The headboard is from the estate of John Barrymore, a famous actor from the 1930s. The bedroom has a bay window and a skylight as well a fine old world furnishings. Another skylight is over the bathroom Jacuzzi tub.